While I’m Vacation

I’m in Jena, Louisiana today for my brother’s pastoral installation service at Christ Temple Pentecostal Church. He’s been the pastor since about February. He’s been downloaded that whole time, but now they’re about to install him. Jena is a small town, but not a dead or dying town, like my hometown. Bro. Crawford Coon, former pastor here in Jena said, “The biggest industry in Jena was a 300 lb Avon lady.”

Pastor Zachary Brant Wells

Anyway, Jena, Louisiana is a long way from Winchester, VA. I first drove to Cullman, AL to see my family. And to eat Blue Bell Ice Cream. I’ve had ice cream everyday since I’m on vacation. I got a chance to go see Pop, Nonna, and Gram. Pop gave Wesley a case pocket knife. Wes loved playing on one of  Pop’s tractors. We stopped in Inverness at Lloyd’s, a restaurant that has been in business since 1937. Get the chicken livers and onion rings.

I’ve noticed over the years of travelling that as you make your way south, the people are just friendlier. It seems to happen between the times that you fill up with gas. You’ll fill up one place and the attendant is cordial, but the next time you stop, you’re suddenly in the South and people, even gas station cashiers, are just glowing with hospitality. And they talk different, turning every vowel into a diphthong. 

We caravanned from Cullman to Jena and my brother in law, Kamron, speeds. I’m not talking about my usual 9 miles over the speed limit on the interstate, but 20 and 25 miles over the speed limit. Even in constuction zones he was driving in a way that would have made Dale Earnhardt sweat. It was all I could do to stay in front of him. 

As I have written, I still don’t know how to take a normal vacation. I packed five church outfits for a seven day trip. 

Here are some pictures from my trip so far. 

Normal Mostly From Memory broadcasting will resume the first week of June. Thanks for reading. 

Zane Wells

2 thoughts on “While I’m Vacation”

  1. That was my favorite one yet:) Gotta be the pictures, because they are all fabulous:) Thanks for sharing!


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