If Shoney’s was a country backroad, The Golden Corral was a five lane highspeed freeway.

Shoney’s was probably my introduction to buffet restaurants. It was the same idea as the family Barbecues of my childhood; you could eat all you wanted. Instead of barbecue and all the orthodox fixings that go with it (potato salad, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, deviled eggs, etc.) Shoney’s had a little bit of everything. I mainly got fried shrimp. The first few times I ate shrimp I got sick with clockwork accuracy. It was a shellfish or iodine allergy. We were at Shoney’s once with a bunch of people from church when Bro. Oliver Murray prayed for me before we commenced to eating. I haven’t been sick from shrimp or any other shellfish since that night. God knows I’ve had plenty of chances because I still love shrimp.

Shoney’s had a Salad Bar. My siblings and I would make a salad with croutons as a base. Then we’d pile on diced ham, and bacon bits, smother it with ranch dressing and eat it with those club crackers that come in packs of two. Eventually we started adding lettuce to the base, but it took a long time. I still credit the salad bar as my introduction to green leafy vegetables. To this day I am a sucker for a salad bar, but now I prefer blue cheese dressing.

I remember distinctly the first time Mom and Dad took us to The Golden Corral. It made the Shoney’s buffet look like a snack bar. If Shoney’s was a country backroad, The Golden Corral was a five lane highspeed freeway. The very entrance put you in mind of standing in line to ride a roller coaster at Six Flags. There was even one of those people counters that you have to walk through to enter the dining area. I imagine it was hooked up to a bell in the kitchen that alerted the kitchen commander. DING DING DING DING DING “Family of five just came in! Drop some more fried chicken and throw some more rolls in the oven.”

Ahhh! The rolls. Quincy’s had the best rolls. The waiter brought them out to your table hot and with a buttery sheen on them. I could eat two of them right now. I think the rolls were a tactic to get you to eat less food from the buffet. It never worked with me. There aren’t many things that I’m good at, but I am confident in my ability to eat. I was made for buffets. “Clean your plate.” This is how I was raised. My parents only had to tell me a few times because the idea caught on very early. They were training me to become a heavy weight buffet champion. We even had a piece of furniture in the kitchen called a buffet.

Don’t misunderstand me, I like all the buffets. But if I could only choose one it’s probably going to be a Chinese Buffet. Our family used to go to Happy China in Childersburg after church. It was in an old KFC. My Dad would get that Hot and Sour soup that looks like they dumped all the buffet leftovers into the dirty dishwater and served it up by the gallon as soup.

“It’s good.” He would say as he slurped it out of one of those round soup spoons that you only see at restaurants and rich people’s houses. We have one at our house but we only use it for special occasions. Like when all the other spoons are dirty.

Now there are some purists out there that are probably turning their nose up at the very thought of a buffet. They’ll say the quality of food is better when you order it a la carte. Snooty people are always using French phrases like that to make you feel dumb. They’ve got a point. But ordering off the menu is so restrictive, and I’m not good at making decisions in Chinese. The wonderful thing about buffets is you don’t have to choose! You can eat it all! Although I probably won’t eat those whole baby octopuses. But it is nice to be able to poke them with the spoon to help you decide.

The last place I ate before the pandemic lockdown was a Mexican buffet. What a way to go out. Since then I’ve been worried about the future of buffets. Will buffets become like The Piccadilly Cafeteria where someone fixes a plate for you behind a sheet of plexi-glass? Will you just have to hope that they pick right piece of fried chicken? That won’t do. I pray that I’m wrong, but I’m afraid that we may have seen the last of the all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Last Buffet

That is why I feel compelled to write about buffets. My kids and future generations need to know that at one time in America you could walk into a buffet and fix a plate of pizza, brown gravy, macaroni and cheese, fake bacon bits, sweet potato casserole, and gummy bears and no one would say a word to you.

6 thoughts on “Buffets”

  1. I loved Barnhill’s Buffet when I was stationed in Huntsville, AL. Great hot rolls and cornbread. Friday seafood was terrific and catfish a local delicacy was great. Let’s not forget the desserts. Bread Pudding as good as my late mother in law would make. They also had an Italian buffet down University Avenue. That was excellent too.

    I am back in Kalifornia since 2004 and presently there are no buffets open. I do miss Hometown Buffet. I doubt if it’ll ever reopen. Too bad. I am in agreement with the previous writer, I want to tell my great grandkids about all the choke and puke buffets we could attend like an amusement park.

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  2. Shealy’s. Bar b cue buffet in Batesburg SC. I moved back to the are from California in 1999. At at Shealy’s buffet 10 nights in a row. Gained a quick twelve pounds.
    Hate to think that and Chinese buffets will be a casualty of Covid!

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  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who worries about this. Now, I’ll have to admit I do not buy into all this going on right now – I don’t mask up and I don’t distance and I shake hands and hug. And 99% of the people I see are the same. I want my buffets back. I have a family of 4, and decent food on the cheap is up our alley. I hated the cafeteria style. We’ve just quit going out. Loss of business, and that’s not good. And my tummy wants the good stuff!

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  4. Hi my is Billy McDonald and love😍😍Buffet to infact i remember when i live in Salinas,Calif as a kid and as a young adult and we hade one buffet on south main st that we use to go to but thin the buffet went away and when i live in Albany,Oregon my mom took me to a Buffet there and it went away so Now i live here in Jacksonville.Fl and i also went to Barnhill Buffet before they went out of business and also there was a cute little buffet here in Jacksonville that was called whistle junction it was a Buffet to and it’s also gone so a friend of use take to the Golden Corral. Buffet here in Jacksonville,Florida but Now we Go to a Buffet called old time country buffet in Lake City,Fl and we live it their and i also have some friends from my church that use to take me to a Chinese buffet to also and i went after there frog legs heehee😃😃i love😍😍Frog legs they are just like chicken emm emm so i also hope that the buffet don’t go away to

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