The Google Reviews I Haven’t Left

Here are a few bad reviews that I didn’t leave, but wanted to.

I only leave five star Google reviews. If a restaurant or business isn’t worth a five star review they certainly aren’t worth my time to give them a lower rating. While some people might “Cause a scene” as my Dad would say, I try to avoid confrontation. If service or the experience is bad, I just won’t go back. Which is part of the reason why I only really like to go eat at about three places, Hamburger Heaven, Taquiera Las Cebollitas, and you guessed it, Chick Fil A.

Hamburger Heaven, my favorite restaurant.

But sometimes I get worked up enough to want to say something. Here are a few bad reviews that I didn’t leave, but wanted to.

Three Star Grocery Store

At best this place is a compromise. People don’t shop here because this is a great grocery store, but rather to avoid going to town. Unless you are getting a rotisserie chicken-which are pretty good- or it is an absolute emergency I would avoid trying to shop here. They also picked the worst possible music to play too loud, which always puts me in a foul mood. How am I supposed to find the pectin while some grown man is whining and mumbling-I’ll not call it singing-about his feelings?

Two Star Home Improvement

The only thing this place has going for it is that there is no other competition in town. Which is a shame, because our town would benefit from having options. In theory having competition would make the current store sure up their customer service. More than likely though all these workers would just jump ship to the new store because they look pretty miserable now.

Two Star Home Cooking Restaurant

The pandemic has not been kind to this restaurant. The problem with chain restaurants is many decisions that should be made locally are made in some corporate office a thousand miles away, or in this case 167 miles away. The last time I ate here I’m glad we had a gift card, because I would have been mad if I would have had to pay for rock hard mashed potatoes.

Four Star Italian Restaurant

I really wanted to leave a five star review because my food was excellent. But there is more to a restaurant than good food, and unfortunately the service fell short. The teenage waiter was friendly enough, but frankly he forgot about us and we waited a long time for our check. Which made me wonder why we waited a long time to be seated.

Perhaps I’m turning into a cranky old man who fusses about paying first class money for second class service. Kind of like my dad. As a kid I remember thinking he was making a big deal about something trivial, but now I begin to understand his frustration.

We perpetuate the decline of quality when we continue to accept lesser quality at the same price. If I have a bad service experience at a restaurant but still go back, I’m likely to have another bad service experience the next time and the restaurant will think that I’m ok with it. Or I could just start leaving bad reviews.

3 thoughts on “The Google Reviews I Haven’t Left”

  1. There are several reasons to leave a review that is not 5 stars and while they may not be worthy of your time they will save others time and money.

    The only way for a business to know you weren’t 100% satisfied is your stating that and why in a review. Telling the teenage kid serving you or a non owner at check out won’t help much most likely but it’s the owners who read the reviews.

    That should help with whatever problem you were having making things better for the rest of us and you if you decide to give them another chance.

    Before I buy something or eat somewhere I check the reviews I toss out the lowest (could be old relationship issues) and the highest (could be their mama or great Aunt Mary) look closely at the others to get a fair idea of what I’m getting myself into. The only time I didn’t follow what the reviews were telling me, because I REALLY REALLY wanted something, I ended up sending it back for a refund because it didn’t work correctly just like the reviews (that’s right multiple) said.

    So please review the bad with the good there are people out there like me who have learned their lesson.

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    1. Your comment has had me thinking all day. You are right about reviews being one of the best ways to communicate with business owners. I also find reviews very helpful. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons that I struggle leaving any negative feedback. Obviously the reviews I’ve posted here were meant for entertainment, so they are little more snarky than any comments I would feel comfortable actually leaving. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I really do believe what I heard so many times as child, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” At the same time, these bad reviews are my true feelings. I imagine that at least a few other people probably feel the same way. I do not like to leave a review when I’m angry, because I have first hand experience with the power of irretrievable words. I also have several friends who own small businesses and they work hard to provide good service. They take pride in their 5 Star Google rating, and rightfully so. I think of them before I say anything that may damage someone’s reputation.

      Even so, no one that I know enjoys paying for bad service experiences.

      I recall a current events assignment in your class where we had to find something in the newspaper. I grabbed the food section and tried to submit an advertisement for fish on sale at Food World. Hey, it was a current event. You explained to me that I should look for a restaurant review or something of that nature. It is fascinating to think that there are-or used to be, I haven’t read the newspaper in a while-food critics: people who reviewed restaurants for money. It would be impossible for a food critic to make a living with my philosophy of only leaving positive reviews and saying nothing about negative experiences.

      The art of being a good food critic is making people want to experience your good reviews, and prove your bad reviews wrong.

      Like phone cameras have made us all photographers, I suppose the internet has made us all food critics. Unfortunately, some of the art is gone. Or at least diluted. Instead of Ansel Adams we get Instagram. Instead of a food critic column, we get Google reviews.

      Anyway, I will work on leaving honest feedback for my less than stellar experiences. If it won’t help the restaurant maybe it will help potential costumers.

      As always thank you for reading and commenting.


      1. I love reading your posts. I, too, do not enjoy leaving negative comments and can usually find several things to compliment when reviewing the establishment or product. Keep the Memories coming. TU❤️


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